Improving Eyesight - The Bold Truth About Vision Correction

People have known for centuries that eyesight can be improved with eye exercises, and yet these techniques are not mainstream: Why so? I think we all know the answer to that one. So, how exactly do we improve our vision?

Okay, in order to answer this question in the most effective way, we first need to briefly go over the actual problem. What IS the problem? Why do people loose their vision? We know that there are two MAIN problems that cause bad eyesight. And these are: Hyperopia (long-sightedness) - this is when we can see in to the distance, but have trouble seeing close up, and Myopia (short-sighttedness) - the opposite of Hyperopia, i.e. we see close up, but have trouble seeing in to the distance.

Now, every time we use our eyes to see objects, be it close up, or far away, our eye changes it's shape, and that's how it focuses. People that see further have an eye the shape of which is more round, while people that see close up have the shape of their eye in the form of a rugby ball, i.e. an oval shape, talking in geometrical figures. Now, the shape of our eye is changed by eye muscles. So why do people loose their vision (most commonly)?


Stress causes our eye muscles to tense, and the more of it we have it our lives, the more tensed our eyes become, and the less we say, as the days go by, and so it is very easy to loose eyesight. Today, it is very common for guys and gals in their tins to wear glasses, some starting as early as just 6 or 7, while others, 'more fortunate ones' get their spectacles on at the age of 16, 17 and so on.

So, in a nutshell, here's what happens: a child goes to school during the day, there, one studies, hence uses his short-site far more than ones long sight. Then one gets home, and there he/she has the luxuries of technology - television, PC, to name a few. And so that child uses his short sight also (most of the time). Now, this child is also exposed to stress from both: school, AND home. At school, one has to study, when one, most likely, wants to do something else - like go outside, play football, chat with mates, and so on. so that is stressful. Now, what happens at home? One plays a video game in which one wants to win all the time, but looses a couple of times - that is also stressful. Now one has homework to do: Damn: That's a biggie: You get the idea. And most of this stress comes in during the time when one is using ones short vision. So what do you think happens to ones eyes? The eye muscles becomes unable to cope with all the sudden stress of the modern civilization of ours, and they tense. They tense until one complains about ones bad vision, and pays a visit to an ophthalmologist, and returns with a nice and stylish pair of crutches for his/her eyes in the form of either "specs" or "contacts". Walla, that was easy, and that was a quick fix, everyone's happy, right?

WTF? I don't know about you, but, knowing what I know now, I see this as a crime against that child. It is a crime, because, instead of that child being shown the way and told that one needs to look after ones eyes (which is by far easier than wearing lenses for the rest of your life anyway!), that child is now led to believe that this is normal for his/her age, that 25% of kids of that age are already equipped, and that number is growing.

I'm just fascinated by the scale of the illusion and am questionable about how long more this terrorist activity can quietly and successfully go on for, before we get read of this quack 'bug'! Sure we have way too many hypocrites in this world that are only keen on one thing: money in their bank account. BUT we also have the average Joe that represents the 98% of population of this planet that DOES NOT WANT to do things that harm him/her just because his/her boss told him/her so. Although the average Joe may well like to be told what to do in life, one still deserves some respect, does one not?

Plan of action: be good, and help others.

A more radical plan of action ("a quickie", can well be expanded & improved): start mass protests, demanding that the governments start supporting the field of natural eyesight restoration, and natural medicine in general. Sure the government is going to loose money in the short term, but everybody is going to win in the long term, and MOST of the public will win in the short-term as well (only those that work in The Industry will loose their jobs).