Let us look at some of the facts and figures of this famous team, Arsenal FC, that have preserved their legacy for a while and have done wonders for all these years together.

Arsenal Facts And Figures

Arsenal Facts

  •  Arsenal has been nicknamed the ‘Gunners’ because of its fine array of midfielders and forwards.
  • Arsenal has never been relegated ever since their early years since the team was established all the way back in 1886.
  • They won their first premier league in 2003/2004 by winning a streak of 49 matches.
  • Their coach Arsene Wenger has been the longest lasting coach for any football club.
  • Arsenal is the only team to have defeated Real Madrid and Bayern Munich at their home grounds itself.
  • Arsenal was the first team to have their match broadcasted on the radio on January 22nd, 1927.
  • Arsenal has only one arch rival and they are the Tottenham Hotspur football club.
  • Arsene Wenger was the first coach to leave the cup in the season of 1997/1998 for a tournament.
  • Arsenal’s match against Manchester United was the first match to be broadcast in 3D on 31st January 2010.
  • They were the first team to have their own TV channel called ‘Arsenal TV’.
  • Arsenal played Chelsea about 149 times out of which they have won 82 matches and outplayed Chelsea in almost all their matches.
  • Arsenal has maintained their home ground at the Emirates Stadium for almost 97 years and has an unblemished home record win statistic chart.
  • Arsene Wenger is the most successful coach of any time that has helped any team have an unblemished record of the most number of wins against any of the clubs in the premier league.
  • The team has a nickname called Gunners because they were named after a cannon maker in Woolwich Arsenal and have kept that name ever since then. They are known mainly for their excellent team effort, strategies and other aspects that make them really a tough competition for all the other teams as well.
  • The Emirates Stadium, which is Arsenal’s home ground stadium, is one of the oldest football stadiums ever. It has some special significance in every Arsenal player’s and fan’s life for that matter which has a very important significance in their life as well.
  • Arsenal has the fifth largest fan base in the world after the world’s most popular team Manchester United, which has now become more of a brand icon; Barcelona FC which is Lionel Messi’s home club, Real Madrid which is Cristiano Ronaldo’s home club and Chelsea.
  • Arsenal is the only team to have won the most number of matches against their arch rivals Liverpool compared to any other rivalries, which is an amazing record compared to any of the other teams for that matter.

So, Arsenal is one team that will never disappoint their fans ever and will always remain one of the best teams among all the amazing premier league teams. All the Arsenal fans are in for a serious ride this season of the premier league!